Lab Tests Find No Asbestos In Recalled Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

Lab Tests Find No Asbestos In Recalled Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder


Johnson & Johnson has claimed that 15 new lab tests conducted on recalled baby powders found no asbestos in it. An additional 48 laboratory tests have also confirmed that there are no cancer-causing minerals in the samples of recalled stock of baby powder. Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration asserted that they found traces of asbestos in a baby powder bottle purchased online. Following the allegations, the company recalled 33000 bottles of baby powder off the shelves. The shares of the company rose by 4 % immediately after the new development in the issue.

Following the result of the new tests, Walmart, CVS Health, and Rite Aid announced that they would fetch all the containers of the company’s baby powder. FDA said that it stands by the results of its finding, though different testing methods may add additional variables to the findings. The agency said that it expects the non-uniformity in the contaminant element due to the powdered nature of the product. In this case, different samples may show different results. The agency also said that it found two positive and one negative result out of three aliquots of the same Johnson & Johnson product. However, the company claimed that FDA’s testing over the last month repeatedly confirmed no traces of asbestos in its baby powder.

FDA officials said that they would be working along with the company to substantiate the authenticity of the product and facilitate further investigation. However, there is no indication that the product is forged at this time. The consumer and medical goods giant has been slapped with more than 15,000 lawsuits, which allege that its talc-based baby powder carries cancer-causing elements. This has led to billions of financial losses and a major drop in the prices of Johnson & Johnson products. The firm has compensated $4.7 billion to 22 women, who claimed that they developed ovarian cancer due to the usage of talcum powder. Well, the new results in favor of the company might strengthen its goodwill in the market once again.

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