Facebook Is Selling Oculus Medium To Adobe

Facebook Is Selling Oculus Medium To Adobe


Oculus Medium is a tech company that is famous for creating virtual reality technology. In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus Medium for $2 billion after the federal trade commission approved this acquisition. However, now, Facebook is selling Oculus Medium to Adobe for an undisclosed amount of details. Oculus Medium’s 3D virtual reality sculpting tool has been used in movies and video games, and now Facebook wants to sell it to Adobe. The sale of Medium to Adobe is not known to anyone.

The terms of selling the company haven’t been revealed publicly yet. Oculus Medium gave its official statement by tweeting in which it mentioned they couldn’t have done this without the talent and energy acquired from the company’s community. The Medium said that they are excited to work with Adobe and bring necessary value to the customers. So far, the Oculus Medium has provided a top-notching 3D reality sculpting tools which were used in developing games and movies. This technology was widely used by other companies in building their massive projects, and now Adobe is expecting to do the same.

Facebook, a few years ago, started to focus more on virtual reality technology by acquiring medium Oculus. Mark Zuckerberg’s vision to hand over VR glasses to everyone hasn’t come true yet, but in the future, it will happen for sure. This transaction is the proof of growth of VR technology in the tech industry. Many tech giant companies are trying to invest in it because experts believe it is the next big thing. Adobe 3D’s vice president Sebastian Deguy said that “Oculus Medium led the foundation of virtual reality space by pushing creative and technological boundaries in 3D modeling.” There is no denying that Adobe is already excited about working Oculus Medium since they know the VR tool can be used to create characters, objects, and environments.

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