frequently brushing your teeth can reduce the risk of heart failure by 10 percent

Frequently Brushing Your Teeth Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Failure By 10 Percent

A new study has found out that brushing your teeth three or more times a day can decrease the risk of heart failure by more than 10 percent. The study says that frequently brushing removes the bacteria living between the teeth and gums, which can enter the bloodstream. The bacteria hidden between the teeth and […]

study reveals listening to music while driving in peak hours reduces cardiac stress

Study Reveals Listening To Music While Driving In Peak Hours Reduces Cardiac Stress

A new study has revealed that factors behind the development of cardiovascular diseases due to the stress of driving can now be attenuated. The study said that driving in heavy traffic could have an adverse impact on the functioning of a human heart. It said that listening to instrumental music while driving can deal with […]