Become a Contributor

Best news monitoring would not have become a reality if it was not for the best editorial team we’ve got. We have a group of people who spend most of their day spending news from every sector so that they can give you an article that has perspective. At the same time, we have had contributors — regular as well as occasional — who make a great addition to the articles we publish on regular basis. Best news monitoring has been welcoming the fresh minds and veterans alike for making their valuable contributions to the website and we want to keep doing that as long as we can.

Becoming a best news monitoring contributor is not like learning rocket science. A random person cannot do that too. When we talk about becoming a contributor for best news monitoring, we are talking about becoming a person who has a knack for finding news that matter and writing the news content in a readable manner. Because we’ve to write hybrid articles, the contributor will have to work with the team as well. More important that all of these, if you are up to becoming a contributor, here are some simple things you have to take care of in the long run.

Best news monitoring accepts articles that have a minimum length of 300 words. We don’t want bigger articles but 300 is the optimal length for readability as well as Search Engine visibility.
The articles you submit to best news monitoring should be unique in every sense. They should not have been published anywhere else, including web or print. In short, we are looking for an article that you have written exclusively for publishing in best news monitoring. Best news monitoring requires the articles to have a proper source for publishing. In this age of prevailing fake news, we don’t want to publish anything that does not have an authentic base. So, always keep the right source for what you are writing.
The contributors should also employ the use of a progressive language that doesn’t compromise the aspect of readability.