Door-to-Door Vaccination Campaign Incorporated After Outbreak of Measles in Samoa

Door-to-Door Vaccination Campaign Incorporated After Outbreak of Measles in Samoa

Samoa, a country in the Oceania region, has been affected by the outbreak of measles. Measles is a contagious viral infection that has drastically spread among the Samoa population. Measles is preventable through a single dose of measles vaccination. Measles vaccination is cost-effective and is easily available in most of the healthcare facilities. In July […]

google blocks chinese smartphone maker xiaomi's quick apps update to protect users data

Google Blocks Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi’s Quick Apps Update To Protect Users Data

Google has blocked Xiaomi’s Quick Apps application from its platform. The company blocked the Chinese phone maker’s app to protect users’ data. The app was blocked as per the Play Protect policy. The Google Play Protect displays a warning that the app is collecting data that can be misused. The Play Protect is built-in malware […]

chinese mars rover set to launch in july 2020

Chinese Mars rover set to launch in July 2020

China is planning on launching its first-ever Mars rover to the red planet in 2020. Recently, the country performed a hover and hazard avoidance test on a test model of this rover. China is planning to send the spacecraft containing rover along with an orbiter and a lander with its most potent launcher, i.e., Long […]

study reveals listening to music while driving in peak hours reduces cardiac stress

Study Reveals Listening To Music While Driving In Peak Hours Reduces Cardiac Stress

A new study has revealed that factors behind the development of cardiovascular diseases due to the stress of driving can now be attenuated. The study said that driving in heavy traffic could have an adverse impact on the functioning of a human heart. It said that listening to instrumental music while driving can deal with […]